5 Promotional Products Every Political Candidate Should be Utilizing

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the political arena or you’re a seasoned candidate, you probably already know all about lawn signs— but there are so many other printed promotional products that can really help drive your campaign. Read on for information about the products that every candidate should have to boost their voter reach. 

So, what sort of promotional products should every candidate be utilizing in their campaign? 

Lawn Signs are almost a given for every political campaign. But did you know they can help increase name recognition among voters, particularly for first-time candidates, and may even boost your total vote count by 2%? That might seem like a small number, but can easily translate to hundreds or even thousands of additional votes, depending on the size of your district. 

Palm Cards are an ideal addition to any campaign from alderman to governor. Also called push cards, palm cards are calling cards for politicians, but with more room to add additional, valuable information like your platform and goals. These affordable little cards are printed on a  3”×5” cardstock and can be printed to match your campaign signs. Printed in full color, palm cards are a convenient option for door-to-door campaigning and other in-person meet-and-greet opportunities with voters. 

Lapel Stickers are an inexpensive option over custom-printed lapel pins and put your candidacy front and center when talking to voters. Available in 2” x 3” rectangular or 2 ½” round, they affix securely to clothing without wrecking fabric. Lapel stickers are also great for sticking on water bottles, pocket-size tissue packs, hand sanitizer bottles, or just about anything you can think of, for use as favors for potential voters at fundraising events and rallies. 

Doorknob Hangers are the perfect choice for the politician with their feet on the ground. Don’t let an unanswered door get in the way of getting your information into the hands of voters. Doorknob hangers come with a pre-cut hole at the top, perfect for slipping over doorknobs. Printed on poly-coated paperboard with UV-resistant ink, they are designed to hang (and last) in the elements. Doorknob hangers can be designed to match your campaign lawn signs, or switch it up and add additional information like your palm cards. 

Magnetic Signs turn your vehicle into a moving billboard! Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to get your name out there in front of voters. While vinyl decals are great, you’ll likely want to remove them at some point. Magnetic signs make quick work of applying and removing your mobile lawn sign. Available in three sizes, magnetic signs are an inexpensive option for any candidate and make an excellent addition to your yard sign order. 

Running for office comes with a lot of choices and that can feel overwhelming, even if you’ve done this all before. If you don’t know exactly what you need just yet, don’t worry, with over 65 years of experience backing our work, we feel confident that we can help you figure out exactly what your campaign needs, right down to the sign design. Check out our FAQs for more information about ordering campaign products and have a look around our site for lawn sign, lapel sticker, and push card design inspiration. Or just give us a call and talk to one of our friendly and experienced sales representatives.

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