Maximize your business with custom cheap yard signs

Cheap yard signs are a common sight in many American towns. They are an affordable way to advertise and promote a brand. While political signs, yard sales, and open houses are some common uses of yard signs, there are many other uses as well. These include advertising school or community plays, upcoming local festivals and events, contractor job site signs, furniture sales, grand opening signs, real estate for sale and open house signs, fundraising efforts, bandit signs, and more.

By buying cheap lawn signs in bulk, the per-piece cost can be reduced to under a dollar, which makes it one of the cheapest modes of marketing available. However, you have only a few seconds to grab a passerby’s attention and convey your message, so it’s important to make it count.

Here are some tips to ensure that your yard sign is noticeable and effective:

1. Keep it short and to the point. Depending on the speed limit of the road where the sign is located, you may have just seconds to get your message across. Display only the most important information and keep clutter to a minimum. Use a QR code or website to direct people to more information online.

2. Think minimalistic. Your message should be distributed evenly across your sign. Avoid jumbled and excessively asymmetrical signs, as they won’t look professional or be worth a second glance.

3. Location is key. Make sure you are legally allowed to place signs where you want to (you can check with your local municipality for ordinances), or ask the business or homeowner. If you’re a contractor or real estate agent with a job site or listed home to work with, make sure your signs are big enough to be noticed and placed so they are easily visible to traffic.

4. Be creative. This is your chance to have some fun. Include a funny, attention-getting quip or a unique graphic to grab the focus of potential customers or voters.

If you’re stuck on how to design your cheap yard sign, don’t worry. We’ve been doing this since 1955! Give us a call at 888.414.1776 and we’ll happily walk you through the best size and layout for your needs. Also, check out our sister website for designs, tips, and resources for businesses.

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