Where Do I Start?

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Step 1 – Choose Material

How long do you plan on having your sign outdoors?
Assuming your signs are for outdoor use, it is important to know the expected exposure life.
2-3 months – Poly Coated Cardboard material or Corrugated Plastic would be suitable.
Poly Coated Cardboard is a milk carton stock when used as a fold-over yard sign exhibits no show thru.
Corrugated Plastic is a 4mm fluted material that does have some show thru.
6 months or longer – Corrugated Plastic or Aluminum recommended.

Step 2 – Choose a Sign Size

What sign size do I need?
Where do you principally want to locate you signs? Smaller signs are adequate (and sometimes mandated) in urban neighborhoods. On busy commercial streets larger signs, however, would be more noticed. Large billboard signs are most effective in rural areas.The table below will help you make your selection:

Step 3 – Choose a Design

What would I like my sign to say?
Visit our Design Gallery – We have over 900 design ideas displaying multiple styles of successful political campaign designs. These include candidate names, offices and campaign themes. We can modify any of these to suit your style.Or visit our Resources page for TIPS and helpful guidance on sign content.You can submit your own art work. We do accept customer designs.

Step 4 – Choose Ink Colors

I already have campaign colors: Can you use them?
Visit our INK COLOR Gallery for a list of our standard inks which may be close matches.Specify PMS color and we can match for a small fee.Should I print a 1 color sign or a 2 color sign?
Choice of colors would depend on budget. A 1 color sign would be less expensive than a 2 color sign. But 1 color is usually less effective. Or visit our Resources page for TIPS and helpful guidance on sign colors.If you have a logo, we would recommend you print in the same number of colors on your signs – logo recognition is very important. Here full color process digital printing is recommended.(White does not count as a color – our stock is white.)

Step 5 – Choose a Font

What font do I use?
Visit our FONT Gallery to view the different type of fonts available.Still not sure what font to choose?
Let our design team choose for you – Contact Customer Service: 888-414-1776

Step 6 – Request Quote

How can I get a total cost for my order?
You can submit Request Quote or Contact Us for Customer Service:888-414-1776

Step 7 – Place Order

How do I place an order?
Place Order online. You can call Customer Service at 888-864-4114 and place the order via phone.

Still have questions?

Visit our Contact Us page to send us an email and one of our trained professionals will call and address your concerns.