Campaign Lawn Signs | Getting More Votes And Winning Elections

Campaign lawn signs have always been something people liken to politics, elections, and political candidates. A study in 2015 found that political signs can up points around 2%. It is nothing to brag about but could in fact be the deciding factor when points are tallied. So how do campaign yard signs actually boost campaign results and how are you able to utilize just this tiny percentage to your advantage? Let’s explore!

2% is a big win!

Most candidates know that even just 2% can make the biggest difference between winning and losing. For example, if there is a population of 6,000 voters, 2% means 120 votes on your side. Some articles can discourage you from investing in campaign yard signs, but yard signs are one of the oldest, and still effective, forms of advertising. Any percentage to your advantage can make all the difference!

The importance of name recognition

Name recognition is important, especially if it’s a small-scale campaign for a school board, alderman, or a local business or community. People are not as obligated to vote, so that means trying to get them to vote for you is all the reason to make sure they remember your name. Campaign yard signs put YOUR NAME in bold clear front so that the community knows who you are.

Make involvement fun

Voters often love to display their chosen candidates proudly, similar to fans’ love of boasting about their favorite football player or team. Where you go, a large crowd will cheer for you. To help with campaign costs, making signs an incentive for any volunteers and donors can go a long way but double check with election laws on donations and campaign merchandise. Ask for donations towards the campaign in exchange for signages. has been designing and printing campaign lawn signs for over 65 years, still offering the same customer-focused service as we did in the beginning. Let us help you get noticed! Call 1-888-414-1776 and talk to a real person!