How Can You Custom Design a Stand-out Campaign Yard Sign?

Custom Design Stand-out Campaign Yard Signs Maximizing the impact of your campaign yard signs for political campaigns involves strategic placement in high-visibility areas and utilizing attention-grabbing visuals and messaging. Creating compelling and memorable  yard signs can help galvanize support and generate awareness among constituents. Eye-catching design, bold fonts, and clear messaging will help your campaign […]

Choosing the Right Colors for your Lawn Signs

Whether you’re ordering a political campaign sign or lawn signs to showcase your business on job sites, color choice matters for visibility, brand awareness, catching the eyes of passers-by and even political leanings. Visibility Utilizing bright, rich colors against the white background of our poly coated cardboard or corrugated plastic signs helps your message pop! […]

What Counts as a Color in my Campaign Signs?

In physics, white isn’t “a color”, but all colors. As screen printers, we don’t count white as a color either. Sometimes yellow doesn’t count as a color either if we’re printing on yellow stock.  If you are confused by how many colors your yard sign design calls for, don’t worry, it’s a common question we come […]

What is the Difference Between Digital and Screen-Printed Signs?

Here at, we offer both digital and screen-printing options for your campaign yard signs, depending on sign size, material and artwork. What is screen printing? This process uses a fine mesh screen with a positive of your art imprinted on it. The screens are placed over the sign material, (typically either plastic corrugate or plastic […]