What Counts as a Color in my Campaign Signs?

In physics, white isn’t “a color”, but all colors. As screen printers, we don’t count white as a color either. Sometimes yellow doesn’t count as a color either if we’re printing on yellow stock.  If you are confused by how many colors your yard sign design calls for, don’t worry, it’s a common question we come across daily. Let’s talk about your options for screen printed corrugated plastic political signs.

More often than not, our lawn signs are printed on white corrugated plastic, commonly known as Coroplast, although we do also offer a yellow corrugated plastic sign for an additional five cents per sign. We frequently utilize the plastic color as part of the sign design, without any added cost for an additional ink color. Some designs are so well put together, it’s hard to believe we’re only laying down one or two different ink colors to achieve a complex look.

While white (or yellow) is technically the background color, we can also use the white as the text color, with an ink overlay for the background, using a ‘reverse print’ method.

It is important to note that we carry a selection of ‘stock’ ink colors. If you need a color outside that selection, we can mix inks to precisely match your Pantone color code. If you’re unsure about colors for your campaign signs, you’re welcomed to discuss it with our sales staff. You can view our stock ink gallery right on our website too.

This same information holds true for our doorknob hangers. Doorknob hangers make an excellent addition to your campaign materials and are easily matched to your lawn sign with room for an additional message.

Struggling with design layout? We have a huge gallery of sign design ideas on our website. These make great jumping-off points for your yard signs. We can change the text, layout and design elements to produce a personalized and unique design.

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