Choosing the Right Colors for your Lawn Signs

Whether you’re ordering a political campaign sign or lawn signs to showcase your business on job sites, color choice matters for visibility, brand awareness, catching the eyes of passers-by and even political leanings.

Utilizing bright, rich colors against the white background of our poly coated cardboard or corrugated plastic signs helps your message pop! Combined with an uncluttered look with minimal words and large lettering, your sign will be visible and easy to read quickly to everyone driving by.

Light colors like yellow can appear washed out and become difficult to read, even close up. If you want to incorporate a lighter ink color in your sign design, try combining it with a dark ink! Yellow really pops with Reflex or Navy Blue, for example.

Brand consistency is important for any business marketing their products or services. Utilizing the same colors across all your marketing helps consumers recognize your business. While we have a large selection of stock inks to choose from, we can also custom mix inks for an additional fee to achieve inks matched to your business’s brand.

Frequently, candidates choose not to list the political party they are aligned with on their campaign materials. This can be because they would rather highlight a particular stance or catchphrase or because they are running for a traditionally non-partisan position. That said, some of our most popular colors are Fire Red and Reflex Blue as each are attached to either side of the political spectrum (the fact that we have a special offer on those two colors probably helps too!).

Most lawn signs utilize one or two colors, or they can be digitally printed in full color. Our expert sales staff can help you determine the right colors or combination of colors and the best layout for your sign design. We also have an extensive gallery of design ideas that we can modify to suit your tastes and needs and of course we welcome customers to submit their own designs.

Ready to get some campaign signs? Call our staff and speak to a real person at 888.414.1776 or fill out a quote request form. We can’t wait to hear from you!