What Counts as a Color in my Campaign Signs?

In physics, white isn’t “a color”, but all colors. As screen printers, we don’t count white as a color either. Sometimes yellow doesn’t count as a color either if we’re printing on yellow stock.  If you are confused by how many colors your yard sign design calls for, don’t worry, it’s a common question we come […]

What is the Difference Between Digital and Screen-Printed Signs?

Here at PoliticalLawnSigns.com, we offer both digital and screen-printing options for your campaign yard signs, depending on sign size, material and artwork. What is screen printing? This process uses a fine mesh screen with a positive of your art imprinted on it. The screens are placed over the sign material, (typically either plastic corrugate or plastic […]

How Many Lawn Signs Do I Need For My Campaign?

Lawn signs have become a given for elections in the last three decades but knowing how many to order can stump even experienced campaigners. A basic rule of thumb for estimating the total number of campaign signs needed is to calculate one sign for every 30 registered voters in your district. However, several factors can […]

Get More Votes and Win Elections with Campaign Yard Signs

Campaign lawn signs have become ubiquitous with election season in recent decades. According to one study, the use of campaign lawn signs quadrupled between 1984 and 2012. While the same study showed that campaign signs offer a competitive edge resulting in about 2% more votes, candidates continue to utilize them for valid reasons. Let’s explore all […]