Tips for Placement Political Sign
Large Highway Sign

Sheila Maas

Large Highway Sign Placement Tips

PoliticalLawnSigns – Whether the location for a political sign to promote your candidacy or cause is a farmer’s front yard, a rural byway or a vacant lot, the need for large signs is a must.

Before considering how to erect these outdoor behemoths, let’s first back up and review ordering options.

One side printed signs

Pricewise it is always less costly to produce a one-sided sign than a two-sided sign. And you, the purchaser, will always pay less for a sign with print on only one side versus a sign printed on both sides.

The one-sided sign can be placed either parallel to traffic or perpendicular to traffic as illustrated below:

Road Sign Placement Tip

As apparent, parallel placement of a sign allows observer viewing from both traffic directions. Perpendicular placement only allows one direction traffic observation.

Two side printed signs

Two side printed signs will allow readability on both sides. These signs can be placed perpendicular or diagonally to traffic as shown below:

Yard Sign Placement Tip

Because plastic corrugated signs are not totally opaque, show thru of printing from back light (e.g. sunlight, headlights) can be distractive to reading the front copy. Opaque and/or thicker plastic corrugate is available, but these options come at a premium price.

In addition, mid-sign support stakes, which are necessary for large signs, interrupt the sign legibility on one side.

Two, one side printed signs

A solution to show thru and uninterrupted legibility is to erect two, single sided signs back to back for perpendicular or diagonal placement as shown below:

Yard Sign Installing Tips

Double thickness promotes opacity and eliminates show thru. Head on exposure with perpendicular or diagonal placement offers recognition at longer distances which translates to longer recognition times.

If you have high volume multi-way traffic, the distraction free, two, one-sided sign option may certainly be warranted.